COMMENTARY: SAP Designers Invent New Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Patch For Abandoned System For D20 Open Gaming License

By Jason MacKenzie

Right into the commentary, this page own this new patch….visit my D20 RPG Beta Game DRAGON ADVENTURES here for details to play the patch: and follow along on the game / comic blog at and .

This new patch for the abandoned original game system from the 1980’s has finished the work that was incomplete on the original game 1978 now playable in it’s original context.

I’m not saying this patch is the only solution to finishing the original game of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons but it works on the rule sets.

For example in the game players were promised a system that was expandable and never happened, for example some characters could only play to about level 10 while other could play to 99 or higher.

The game system never made it past the promise of including the new features and was abandoned and replaced with a 2nd Edition, similar to today’s version and the original was never re-developed.

The new patch made for the D20 System on DRAGON ADVENTURES our game currently in Beta Development now runs an Official Version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as proven by the new patch!

Game Designers and SAP Professionals should be excited about these new opportunities their careers could hold on D20.

If you follow any of my pages you’ll find out I am an SAP Professional and finished a complete server that we couldn’t sell….companies just didn’t have the money to cover the front end jobs because even Community College computer jobs couldn’t cover the wages to run the front screens for staff.

The result….to many front end jobs to run the SAP basic user end because it was still to hard for Community College Degrees, it was just too many people to hire to run the software meaning that some companies couldn’t afford the installation disk.

Continuing on, I switched to digital music promotion and comic book promotion and now have developed a new sellable product DRAGON ADVENTURES D20 RPG BETA to advertise on our page network.

Remember, the page advertising network was developed by myself similar to SAP as a project.

The we applied our degrees from university like mine from St. Francis Xavier University in our game group where we took analysis, design and SAP.

The skill set for RPG (Roll Playing Game) Design is similar course work…analysis and design.

Then the SAP component like a video game designer was examining the game from that perspective.

What we came up with is a new patch that updated the original abandoned Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook with a new Official Patch according to it’s own Player’s Handbook.

That means the game is it’s own system, the same as the patch.

On computer software a similar patch would have opened up new original functions of programs like SAP or video games and released new original content from the same program.

The patch proves that our RPG on Open Development on gaming….D20 RPG Open Gaming License, that our patch is the same system as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons making our D20 Beta Game an Official Version of the rules of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with a new original rules patch that we made that opened new original levels in the first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

This patch could have been used then if available to finish that system, and they would have not needed 2nd Edition.

I mean, at least…it offers an official solution to continue the first game instead of making a second version.

That means my game DRAGON ADVENTURES runs on Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with a new updated patch.

Our patch, which does not work on newer RPG game systems because they are based on 2nd Edition would create duplicate rules on the newer model.

The patch, still being developed but playable, uses the second ability score column, a main function of the game, as a new patch to play the rest of the unfinished rules in the abandoned system.

For example, all characters can now play to level 99 or higher and have ability scores up to 25 on the original rules.

The new functionality also includes a second spell book option for “Unearthed Arcana” levels to have extra spells starting at Level 1 for over ability score 18 magic users.

Adding the second column for example allowed the character to use a second spell book, the same as the first with new spells in it, for having a 19 intelligence score or higher to start playing “Unearthed Arcana” at Level 1 while still using the original.

On the newer D20 game, extra spells are listed as “Cantrips” that come with each character as free spells they can use during the game extra to it’s spell book.

These new rules run as a perfect patch on the original Players Handbook, proving DRAGON ADVENTURES owns an Official Rules Set it won on D20 RPG Gaming by Beta testing the RPG Game Development System such as an SAP or Video Game test.

Plus, expanded official patch….which runs seamless on the original book.

Essentially our new patch proves that we know how to make Official Advanced Dungeon & Dragons rule sets by loading a brand new official game patch that’s playable on the original system on the RPG Game DRAGON ADVENTURES.

That’s what I mean in this commentary, that’s a big deal in Software and RPG Gaming because of the opportunity for Software Developers to develop rpg games on D20 on the Open Gaming License.

I’m sure before long this patch will catch on.

The example is if you make a patch that runs on the original program as official it becomes part of the official rule set.

That is what I have developed off the closed abandoned Advanced Dungeons & Dragons System, it means I own a copy of the code with an official patch to prove I know how to make original official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

That means DRAGON ADVENTURES runs on Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons code that I develop, proved by the patch.

Those are the kinds of opportunities for people like SAP Developers who can now work on modules for D20 RPG Games that could be worth millions of dollars.

It also makes DRAGON ADVENTURES D20 RPG BETA an Official RPG Game because we own a copy of the Official Rules.

Our game group, people who work at jobs like this are all affected by industry outages so we use our game group to work on RPG development on D20 the Open License like a work software project.

Then we came up with an official it’s own rule book that we already released on D20 on our page.

You can now use our Advanced Dungeons & Dragons patch on your RPG Game Development if you are on the D20 Game System Open Liscence.

Other people working in technology may be heading back to vocational school in their mid forties because of the work outages, but we managed to apply our skills to a new game development system.

Now working at lower wages with an advanced degree isn’t so bad because we have advertising from digital advertising on our network and now own a new D20 RPG Patch that we can sell on our own as a new Adventure RPG Game (DRAGON ADVENTURES) once it is released.

People starting out in RPG game development may not have a lot of money but some have just started out at investing $600 a month until they have $10,000 to start printing their new RPG Game Packages.

While they’re saving to sell new RPG books like this new patch for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on DRAGON ADVENTURES the time in the difference is spent developing that patch is how we’re getting started.

I can see this patch being really big some day in D20 RPG Gaming, it may not be much but down the road these new investors are going to own new official products that they can print.

That’s the kind of new opportunities now available on RPG Game Development for Software Developers, you may not get paid right away but someday you could own games and patches like this that are worth a lot of money to sell on the Open Gaming License D20 RPG System.

A different example of the same patch is if someone bought the computer code from the 1980’s video games Pac Man or Centipede and found Pac Man’s Secret Levels on open source…he would own all content.

If that was the game Centipede it’s like the programmer used the code on the board to add a new section that “auto loaded” new levels never discovered with original character from the game…all would be considered official.

The game maps in Centipede and shapes map could have triggered a level update in the new code inserted on the board and dumped it into a new original playable level with official characters on the same screen.

Secret Levels?

Tens of thousands of official characters could have been auto loaded and the programmer would know how to make Centipede because he made an official patch that unlocked new levels.

He would own those Centipede characters and they would be official and worth millions of dollars.

The same on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons patch…the new code unlocked at least 500 books worth of material and adventure slots that are official to the game, all the “number slots” for game points for example are revealed to be named like weapon and spell slots for all adventures for over 18 ability scores.

All brand new books for DRAGON ADVENTURES RPG BETA to write on the D20 System for making the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons patch that unlocked the new levels on the abandoned game system for D20 release.


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