By Jason MacKenzie Internet Blogger & Death Metal Band: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED LINK: WWE Professional Wrestling recently featured Action Park mock up movie “Action Point” star Johnny Knoxville who although won the match had to pin Sami Zayn by tying him to the table. No help from other starsContinue Reading

The New York Yankees had a record season this year winning the American League East Championship. LINK: NEW YORK — Until the first cork was popped in Tuesday’s celebration, the Yankees refused to look too far ahead in their mission to raise a championship banner in the Bronx, consciousContinue Reading

By Jason MacKenzie Right into the commentary, this page own this new patch….visit my D20 RPG Beta Game DRAGON ADVENTURES here for details to play the patch: and follow along on the game / comic blog at and . This new patch for the abandoned original gameContinue Reading

While fans switch to 4K Concert & News Taping on Smartphones for video sharing the industry pauses to consider future plans leaving Wall Street Shareholders doubtful as Sony stated they have no competing industry products in their marketing campaign aimed at selling Smartphones to professionals. LINK: I’m not sureContinue Reading

Editors Note: 46 degrees celisus temperatures we’re assuming took place in the article during the heat dome under wild fire conditions and most of this “heat” captured in the dome was probably from forest fires caused by drying conditions of the heat dome itself. LINK: Heat dome inflates overContinue Reading

LINK: With the Grand Canyon National Park testing the first phases of reopening, access to the vast network of canyon trails and park amenities remain mostly off-limits. But behind the scenes, the folks at the Grand Canyon Conservancy (the official nonprofit partner of the Grand Canyon National Park) haveContinue Reading

LINK: Have you had an increase in trouble with squirrels chewing on your holiday lights? The Masked Biologist has, as he shares in this week’s Wildlife Matters. We are one of those families that enjoys putting up lights and decorations for Christmas; well actually, for the holiday season inContinue Reading

Wintry conditions continue to plague B.C. after week of extreme cold, snow LINK: After a week of winter weather that walloped much of B.C., some parts of the province are getting a reprieve — others, not so much. A snowfall warning is in effect for the Fraser Canyon, withContinue Reading

The world’s first picture of a black hole captured imaginations around the globe. Now comes the next challenge for scientists: taking better, sharper photos, in hopes that they will be able to test Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. To get there, they want two or three satellites orbiting the planetContinue Reading

Two patients Cured of HIV with Stem Cell Transplant HIV patient seemingly cured in second remarkable case, London doctors report LINK: A patient in London is HIV-free, doctors announced this week in what appears to be an astounding case. A patient who was diagnosed with HIV in 2003 has becomeContinue Reading