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Buy Canada trade comes roaring back as oil, Fed ignite rally

Link: www.bnnbloomberg.ca Buy Canada trade comes roaring back as oil, Fed ignite rally Canadian investors are finding themselves in an unusual position — outperforming their U.S. counterparts across all three main asset classes as conciliatory central banks reignite risk in global

China & Russia Could Disrupt Critical US Infrastructure

Link: www.technologyreview.com China and Russia could disrupt critical national infrastructure in the US, says intelligence report Both China and Russia are capable of launching cyberattacks that could bring down electricity networks or hospitals, according to the latest annual US Worldwide Threat

EU Risks Pushing Venezuela Towards Civil War

Link: www.euronews.com The Parliament has recognised Juan Guaidó as interim President of Venezuela and has called on EU Governments and Institutions to do the same until new free and transparent elections are called. The resolution was approved with the votes

Toxic Air Closes Schools In Thailand

Link: Bangkok shuts hundreds of schools as some of world’s most toxic air shrouds city (Bloomberg) — Thai officials shut hundreds of schools in Bangkok on Wednesday as some of the world’s most toxic air hung over the city. The

Polar Vortex Brings Frigid Weather To Much Of Canada

Polar Vortex Brings Frigid Weather To Much Of Canada Newslinks: Global News – https://globalnews.ca/news/4907009/polar-vortex-canada/ Extreme cold has gripped much of Canada thanks to a hovering polar vortex. READ MORE: Canada’s wild weather: Flowers are blooming in the west and snow is