Is SAP Part Of The Data Breach?

A first hand account by Jason Mackenzie

Internet Blogger & Death Metal Band


I have gotten to thinking that my story of the events of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks I have been blogging about has been coming to a conclusion.

Working in business after 9/11 I am now beginning to think that 9/11 is the server data breach when the World Trade Center fell, when they lost the old computers in New York City with the financial server information on them.

This includes companies like SAP who may have been penetrated with scams after the attacks with other people running their scam servers on Wall Street.

SAP began in 1973 and went public on Wall Street on November 4, 1988 after the development of front end systems such as Windows which allowed previous software systems such as Univac in the 1960’s and 1970’s who ran government software on punch card systems and magnetic punch card tape drives.

In 1971 Xerox left the computer hardware manufacturing industry and hired IBM to switch their computer systems to IBM and part of their compensation for the payment to IBM was for the software migration was the original SAP software which they acquired for a credit of $80,000.

Later The Gazelle System I believe which became Windows was purchased by Microsoft for $50,000.

When the SAP software project was cancelled by IBM several of their engineers decided to leave and start SAP.

SAP the new software ran on the Windows front end which replaced the Univac magnetic punch card tape and punch card system.

Essentially, government computers ran Univac owned by Remmington-Rand Corporation at the time which is the non copyrightable part of SAP because it is University Computer Science work for research labs for companies like Remmington-Rand.

SAP is just the Windows software patch on the front end today.

An even worse event than 9/11 was several years earlier with the burning of the South Bronx in New York City.

Now I am thinking that this could also have been a data breach in the 1970’s during the Univac period when government computers could have been stolen during the burning of the South Bronx.

Conspiracy theorists note…the Bin Laden family was one of the contractors who rebuilt the South Bronx and the Projects in the 1980’s in New York City.

Later the construction team was linked to the 9/11 Terrorists attacks at the old World Trade Center.

All signs that both events are part of the data breach South Bronx and 9/11, when scams penetrated government computers from all over the world during the outages.

SAP R/3 launched in 1992 and I began University in 2001, my first week of University was the 9/11 Terrorist attacks in New York City and is the Class Of 2005 grad year.

In University I did all my work on SAP and Project Management and began doing my certifications in 2005 after graduation, by the time I finished my certifications in 2008 I was assaulted for my projects on a Toronto Stock Market Company and had to quit and turn them into the SEC.

Now I think the scam I was assaulted by was also part of the data breaches I mentioned above.

After this I was illegally evicted from my house with fake court papers which were thrown out and wrongfully arrested, during my arrest my house was robbed and I had to move.

I won in court and now they all owe me a settlement for home invasion on the stock market to steal my SAP Server work and wrongful arrest.

Now apparently they are saying that SAP is still not finished and projects like mine which were ahead of them have left the industry.

It looks like today after the events of the burning of the South Bronx and the 9/11 terrorist attacks that the government and business computers were breached and filled full of scams.

Then they put the work order out to the Universities like Harvard and St. Francis Xavier saying $150,000 salaries to build a $150,000,000 computer system and they didn’t have the money to pay the grads.

Now it all just looks like a scam and the main software is Remmington-Rand anyway from the old Univac System which also ran on Battleships in World War Two.

Leading to more example that the attacks on the South Bronx and World Trade Center could have been targeting Remmington-Rand Univac Systems and used that and the development of SAP after the Data Breaches.

Right now the Data Breach is so bad in Halifax that they are making you get lawyers to file free forms for file corrections and refuse to take them in front of lawyers.

Now I have taken this issue as a complaint and information to my local Halifax Senator and Speaker of the Floor in Ottawa and copied the news about the issue so they can know what is happening.

Hopefully the Senators and the News here in Canada will help to speed some of this up and clear up some of these issues.

At Legal Aid in Halifax they told me they couldn’t help me with these issues and advised me to contact the local government because it was beyond their scope, which I decided not to because that is who I am suing and instead I took it too the local Halifax Senator and Speaker Of The Floor in Ottawa with the News so hopefully they can resolve it.

So to me this story seems to look like it’s starting to wrap up now with the impact of how the attacks on the South Bronx and 9/11 are affecting us today during those potential data breaches.

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